Imagine Your Dream,Love Your Life.

Love Yourself,Be The Happiest

Imagine Your Dream,Love Your Life.



Dr. Joyce Gale // Healing Hypnotically GA, Hypnotherapy Specialist in Dover, Delaware working with you to create the life you want. Hypnosis can relieve pain, help as a complemental therapy for cancer treatment. Fertility hypnotherapy has shown great improvements with or without IVF, IUI treatments. Dr. Gale can help you achieve the goals you have been dreaming about. Don't wait your life is waiting!


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    Stress is a silent killer! Every minute you live in stress is costing you minutes off you life.  So if you spend days and weeks stressed out you are shortening your life, is this how you want to live?

    Hypnotherapy is one way to de-stress it is painless unlike pills, it revives you and fills you with good energy.

    So the next time you are stressed think hypnotherapy.  Stop letting stress kill you a little at a time.


    Dr. Joyce

    Dover, Delaware


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    guy smiling kid smiling lady smiling


    No matter where you live or what is going on in your life a smile can bring good energy to you and everyone you meet.

    A smile doesn’t cost anything but it is priceless.  You could smile at someone who had bad news and they smile back and it makes them feel better.

    You could smile at the toll person and even if had been raining all day they smile back.

    Never forget you don’t know what happening to them but your smile could lift their spirits for the rest of the day.

    Smile more.


    Dr. Joyce

  • I’M BACK

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    Hello Everyone,

    Due to medical issues, I have been out of touch for all most two years.

    So it wasn’t bad spent time with family and healing, still, have a few more surgeries to go. So I thought why don’t write a book or two, so my first one is done just waiting on a cover.

    As soon as the cover is ready I will post the Amazon link.

    So while I am not able to see clients in person at this point I can still help with books to guide you to a better place.

    Please Look for Don’t Stop Now coming soon to Amazon.

    Dr. Joyce, We will chat soon.



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    Attention Dr. Joyce is working only via Skype as she moved to Florida, then broke her back.

    She is very happy to work with her past, present and future clients via Skype. Please email her to make an appointment.

    She can also be reached by phone at 407-506-8563


Dr. Joyce Gale CHB,CHt,DCH,DD,D.MT,CFT,M.NLP,M.EFT, Hypnotists,Hypnotherapy Specialist,Mast (407)506-8563 Certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Institute Of Hypnotherapy, National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Doctor of Spiritual Metaphysics, Doctor of Divinity, Certified HypnoBirthing(R) Institute, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and more.



    Dr. Joyce Gale
    Certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists,
    American Institute Of Hypnotherapy,
    National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapist,
    Doctor of Spiritual Metaphysics, Doctor of Divinity,
    Certified HypnoBirthing(R) Institute,
    Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy,
    Bachelor of Clinical Hypnotherapy,
    Certified Medical Pain Management,
    Certified Addiction Practitioner,
    Certified Abundance Coach,
    Certified Law of Attraction Coach,
    Certified Grief Practitioner,
    Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner,
    Certified HypnoBirthing Infant Massage Practitioner,
    Certified HypnoBirthing(R) Fertility Practitioner,
    Fertile Body Practitioner
    Masters – Psychology,
    BA- Psychology,
    Level 3 E.F.T. Practitioner
    Master N.L.P.
    Licensed Hypno-Band(C) Practitioner
    Licensed Hypno-Chemo (C) Practitioner



    I am the proud mother of seven beautiful children, five adopted with special needs two biological. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 34 years and counting. I love what I do helping people find their true selves. Empowering people to play their best game or lose 50 lb’s every day is a gift and I embrace it.



    Hypnosis has been a part of my life since 1986. I lived very close to a great hypnotist who helped me create cassettes for the birth of my second child. It made a world of difference. My first birth was 22 hours and broke every blood vessel in my face neck and chest. So after fertility treatment as well as hypnosis to conceive my second child I knew there had to be a better way to birth my baby. So I listened to a cd made for me by the hypnotist every night and my son was born 6 hours from start to finish no rips no tears and no broken blood vessels. And was home in less then 24 hours.
    After using hypnosis for years to help women birth and the results were amazing I found the HypnoBirthing Mongan program.
    So HypnoBirthing & HypnoBirthing Fertility is a perfect fit.

    I also used hypnosis to stop a three pack a day habit of cigarettes no filter ones. I needed to quite but had tried everything except hypnosis. So back to the hypnotist I went and in one hour I was free from the dragon on my shoulder.

    Hypnosis is a Marvelous tool that has no side effects and thousands of benefits.
    Hypnosis worked for me while using infertility treatment and the stressful ups and downs, without it I am not sure I would had make it through.
    As a mother of seven, five special needs we adopted, stress is an everyday thing. But hypnosis and meditation have allowed me to feel calm in the face of fear and proceed through knowing that what every comes my way I can handle.
    I feel that without hypnosis I would be in a very different place.
    I have been trained in many areas so that I can help thousands every year and am great full for every client I help guild to their goals.

    Consultations are always free so if you would like to learn more about hypnosis and how it can improve your life, don’t wait!

Address // Dover, Delaware

Telephone nr. // (407)506-8563

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